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Boaz Levkovitch
בעלים של סטודיו קליימקס בע״מ, בוגר בצלאל במחלקה לתקשורת חזותית התמחות בדיגיטל, מרצה בשנקר ושופט בתחרות וובי, בתחום אפילקציות ועיצוב אתרים, www.climax-design.co.il
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Major (HireMe.design)
Full Stack Designer • Credits include: NHL, NFL, Prudential Center, First National Bank Of Long Island and more. For immediate response: major@HireMe.design
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Group manager
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Rachel Leah
I’m a web designer with experience in graphics, ux/ui, and front end web development. I can communicate effectively with engineers, though prefer to focus on the design and brand development aspect of my work. Remote work preferable but will meet in a coffee house or your coworking space for initial consult. Visit my website for a sample of my work. Www.stacksandthecity.com
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thanks for your
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Groups Manager @bee
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