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Ari Ben Noon
ימים א ה בשעות 8:00- 18:00 יום שישי בשעות 8:00-15:00
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מוטי רוט
ותק מקצועי משנת 1989
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Silvian Kaufman
שעות העבודה 7_15 מומחה בצנרת נחושת
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David Hanunu
בחור מאד אמין ומקצועי כבא 20 שנה בהובלות
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At Outsourcing Security Guard International, you to feel confident you have hired experienced and reliable security professionals to meet your security needs at an affordable rate. If you need one guard or a team of guards for long term or short term assignments, we can help you create the solution that best fits your security needs and budget. Our staff includes guards that are off-duty and/or retired police officers. We also have guards that are prior military veterans. Please be assured we have the ability to meet your company’s security needs. Our best-in-class management team rolls up its sleeves to address the challenges of each assignment and develop effective solutions for our clients.
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אורטל סופר
בוקר וערב לסירוגין
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Shaina JM
*I can’t respond to messages because I do not have a payed account. I’ve been a hairstylist for now 17 years and have been a freelance stylist since 2009. I started my business in CT where I grew up and took it to CA for 4 years and then moved to FL where I am now
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Liel Foox
ליהל פוקס מאמן כושר אישי/קבוצתי יועץ תזונה ואורח חיים בריא מאמן כושר של עירוני גבעת שמואל בכדורסל בוגר מכון וינגייט לפרטים 0504747472 אינסטגרם-lielfoox11
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